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Advanced Diary is a useful program that makes it easy for users to write a diary on their computer. The outstanding advantage of the computer-based journaling feature compared to the paper-based feature is that it ensures the privacy of users by setting a password to protect as well as encrypting the entire contents of the diary with algorithms. advanced math.

Explore Advanced Diary 5

This update contains many significant changes. The developer has changed the database engine, the software does not limit the database size or the number of records. Advanced Diary processes batch files faster. Now you can save all your data into a single file and don’t have to worry about going over your file size limit or having Advanced Diary run slower.

In addition, Advanced Diary 5.0 has many other changes such as a new convenient database manager, strong database file encryption with AES algorithm, fast search feature according to common algorithms, attachment management will display them all in one location. In addition, there are extended features: adding users to the database, decentralization…

These features allow you to use Advanced Diary as a “family diary” on a small home network or use it on a large corporate network.

Outstanding features of Advanced Diary

Fully support Dropbox

You can save a copy of the database to Dropbox and then upload it to another computer with just one click.

Backup and restore

Thanks to this Backup & Restore feature, users will no longer have to worry about losing data if the computer crashes.

Add notes

If desired, users can open any entry in their electronic diary as a note on the computer screen, setting its color and transparency.

Powerful search engine

You won’t lose any information because the entire database can be searched in seconds.

Email support

The equipped email client will allow users to send any entries in the diary to friends and colleagues via email.

Save all logs in one file

Advanced Diary supports many different diaries and entries. This is a unique feature that is only available in this program.

Set password protection

You can protect the program by setting a password and encrypting all information in this electronic diary.

Supports multiple databases

You can keep your diaries in different databases and switch between them with just one click.

User-friendly interface

This software has a very intuitive interface. Thus, helping users to manipulate the program in a simple and easy way. Besides, it also supports 3 interface styles and 11 color themes.

Multi-user database access

You can share the database with others over the network and see any changes in real time.

File attached

The program supports users to attach or link external files they need to any item.

Import and export data

Advanced Diary has all the necessary data import and export features. It supports RTF, HTML, TXT and DDB formats.

More features of Advanced Diary . diary software

Flexible tree structure

You can organize your entries into multiple trees, attaching a picture to each entry in the log for easier tracking.

Professional text editor

Now users can change the font, color, background, paragraphs, etc in their electronic diary.

Tag categories and provide multiple filters

You can tag your items, then filter and categorize the information by category.

Smart sorting

The data in your diary will be organized in its own way. For example, you can sort items by various parameters, setting the sorting order manually.

Insert photos

You can insert any pictures into your text and resize them if necessary.

Table support

Users are allowed to add multiple tables to items, combine or split cells, change borders and colors.

Built-in media player

This feature allows users to play audio and video files recorded directly in the program.

More hyperlinks

You can insert hyperlinks to any email address, file or web page on your computer or to other items in the database.

Support multiple languages

Includes: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Danish, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish , Hungary, Croatia, etc.

Update the latest Advanced Diary

Advanced Diary 5.5.1:

  • Fixed all bugs to improve program performance and stability.
  • Improved database stability.
  • Added database uniformity monitoring and automatic recovery.
  • Improved record count.
  • Improved database backup and compression for faster, more efficient operation.
  • Support for glyph icons in the path to the database and backup files.
  • Fixed incompatibility of some web cameras. The recording function now supports all types of computers.
  • Improved recording and video recording quality in the log.
  • Allows you to choose a resolution when recording movies.
  • Allows renaming and adding description to log attachments.
  • Supports audio and video log descriptions.
  • Add the function to show or hide all stickers, close all stickers on the desktop.
  • Improved Records Search function.
  • Improved the search function in the Attachments Manager window, allowing to view the description and search within the description.
  • To insert images more conveniently, the software will automatically resize large images to fit the text width.
  • Added Format Painter function for easy text formatting.
  • The Insert Symbol function saves the last selected setting.
  • Add associated file to database, allowing it to be opened with a double click.
  • Improved import and export functionality.
  • Supports 2 color themes for the main interface.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

Advanced Diary 5.0:

  • New database engine has no limit on file size or number of records
  • Process large file sizes faster (up to 1,000 times)
  • Database Manager shows the remaining database file size, records and attachments
  • Strong database protection and encryption using AES algorithm
    Supports normal fast search algorithm
  • Added Attachments Manager that shows all attachments in one window with smart sorting and searching
  • Improved filter by category
  • Extensive automatic backup feature: You can choose when Advanced Diary creates a backup
  • Added authentication support for proxy servers
  • Extended networking features
  • Advanced Diary can now handle server database (Firebird)
  • The Firebird server is part of the Advanced Diary installation package. It is pre-configured so that users can start working with the server immediately after installation
  • Server supports connection via LAN and Internet
  • Add or remove users for the database file
  • Fully Customize User Permissions: From Full Access to Read Only
  • Configurable user access to any entry. You can create private or public entries or make entries available only to authorized users

Advanced Diary version 4.2:

  • You can now select multiple files when adding attachments.
  • All attached image files will be displayed as thumbnails instead of image icons.
  • The Auto Correction feature works more accurately than before and has been moved to the Text Editor section along with Diary Text, Print Preview…
  • Improved multimedia logging function.
  • Better Unicode support.
  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • The Auto Correct feature adds a spell check option.
  • Supports 5 new color themes.
  • Improved text editor, catalog, Import and Export function, printing function.
  • Add a time value to the edit information in the main window.
  • Fixed bug with built-in dictionary in Advanced Diary.
  • Fixed an issue where Access Violation happened randomly when exiting the program.
  • Checkboxes can be added directly to the log content to create ToDo lists, shop…
  • Improved new version update feature.
  • Proxy server support.
  • Upgraded backup functionality to package and process the database before backup.
  • Support drag and drop for attachments.

Advanced Diary User Manual

After successful installation, you run the program by clicking on its icon on the Desktop (the icon has the shape of a diary). The program will open a journaling interface that includes an editing page (like in Word) and a calendar for the diary.

First create a password for your journal page by selecting Tools\Password Protect . The program will open a dialog box asking you to enter the password for the log. Enter the password in both boxes, then click OK .

The program allows you to create many small diaries for each day. To add a diary for a certain date, select the date to add in the calendar interface above. In the Diary section , right-click on the blue book image and select New Diary (or press Ctrl+N). You can rename the diary for easy categorization.

For each diary in each day, the program will open a text editing interface on the right. In this editor, you can insert images, emoticons, date and time, alignment… for your diary page. The program will automatically save your log every 10 minutes. To change this option, select Tools\Options , at the AutoSave every section , enter the number of minutes for the program to automatically save, then click Save .

If you are a frequent traveler and have to use many different computers, you can use the Backup and Restore feature of the program. When you want to go away, choose File\Backup . Please specify the path to your USB then click OK . At the new workstation, select File\Restore , enter the path to the saved file and click OK .

The program has many other features such as data compression, database management… Hopefully with this free software, you can create your own perfect “digital diary”


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